@dr0czh (53)
April 6, 2010 2:51am CST
Because I haven't find the job yet,I need stay at home and cook for my boyfriend.I think it's intereting when I did this for the first time .But then I feel boried when I realize that I should do this everyday and it cost 2 hours to prepare it.the worse is ,he offen criticizes what I cooked,"you put to much salt,or why you put vinegar in it,you know I don't like the vinegar." why he can't just say "thank you".maybe next time, let he cook the food.I'm curious what he gonna say.
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@gerald_lian (2191)
• Australia
6 Apr 10
Yeah, cooking is not an easy job and to be able to cook delicious food is a matter of experience and skill. It is also universally accepted that women are the ones that must cook and that they should cook delicious food. This is definitely not true because if you take the time to ponder, a lot of chefs are actually men (think of Iron Chef as an example). I highly suspect that your boyfriend has never cooked before; it would be a good idea to let him cook and let him see how much preparation it takes to prepare the food and how difficult it is to actually produce delicious food. On another note, maybe he made all those crude remarks about your cooking because he just came back from a stressful day at work and he's taking it out on you and your cooking. Anyway, all in all, try and be understanding but still do consider inviting him to a cookout session with you. He may even learn how to cook then!
@dr0czh (53)
• China
6 Apr 10
yeah,maybe he was just tired. and of course I need to cook the nice food for him .thanks for understanding.
• United States
8 Apr 10
He should be thankful he comes home to a warm meal period. You know it's not going to be perfect ever time nor the right consistancy that's life KWIM? Otherwise just make what he likes of your cooking and spare what he does not care for to have for your lunch or meals when he is not home.