How do you create or edit a PDF file?

April 7, 2010 9:37am CST
I just know we can read PDF file through adobe reader but I have no idea how to create or edit the PDF document. Can I create or edit it with adobe reader? If the answer is positive, what should I do? it the answer is negative, what software should I use?
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@monalily (380)
16 Jul 10
first To open a PDF file you must have download the software Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader from the official website . Then you will be able to open the file and edit if you want.
• Philippines
1 Jun 10
you just convert it to other format like .doc or .ppt used the application of Microsoft office. you need it either MS word or MS power point. and after you edit it. you convert again to pdf format using ms word again or ms power point. keep up a good word. and always take care.
@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
8 Apr 10
I do not know how to edit a pdf file - you probably have to go to Acrobat for a program for that and buy the pdf creator. However, if you get Open Office, it includes a program where you can create a pdf file from your text. Otherwise that is all I know how to do. I presume you are talking about a program that is free, not one that costs a bit of money.
@youless (104238)
• Guangzhou, China
8 Apr 10
It seems that the PDF files can't be edited. However, you can try to convert it into Word format and therefore you can edit it. Here is a website to convert PDF file to World File: I love China
@srainow (87)
• China
7 Apr 10
as far as i know, we can't edit a pdf file in adobe reader. if you need to creat or edit a pdf file, you need to install another software, like adobe acrobat, paperport, pdf x-change, pdf converter etc. adobe acobat is the most popular one i think. i hope this helps. wish you a nice day!