When love and hate collides

April 7, 2010 9:57am CST
Searching for the meaning of this phrase. I mean the exact message of this. I'll be happy and thankful for your response. Then I can send it to the one who needs it badly.
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@neildc (17251)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
9 Apr 10
as per response of the first responder here, i guess we can relate this song to couples who, even they fight alot and still love each other or they wish to separate ways because they really can't understand the attitude of the other, after living some years, and after bearing some kids, they still have to continue the marriage for the sake of the kids. when love (the kids) and hate (fighting) collides is one worse situation to be in, when getting into marriage life. just my opinion, my thoughts.
• Philippines
4 May 10
Yes definitely! Thank you for the response. Thank you for sharing you opinion.
@srainow (87)
• China
7 Apr 10
it seems like a song's name. my understanding is that two people fell in love but later, they found they had different life styles and they couldn't agree with each other's oponions for many things. Then they fought and fought. but they still loved each other. So they were very painful in hearts. This situation should be when love and hate collide. Just my thoughts.
• Philippines
4 May 10
Yes there is a song with that line. I just could not remember what it was.