What's your greatest dream in life?

April 8, 2010 6:54am CST
When I was young, my dream is just to become a plain housewife, with a loving husband, healthy kids and having a peaceful life with them. But unfortunately, now, I'm a single mom... Trying and working hard to earn a living for us. But I don't have any regrets, I'm very happy of having him with me... And I will love and take care of him as long as I can. My dream when I was young was very simple yet hard to get...
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@smiley83 (1534)
• Malaysia
8 Apr 10
awh I guess you are still too young to be a single mum :( but i'm sure, things would be very great at the end as long as the patience & determination are with you :)... well, my dreams are to graduate & have my own family :)
8 Apr 10
yes that's true.. thank you. well good luck, and hope that your dreams will come true!!!
@emdyey09 (264)
• Philippines
5 May 10
We have the same dreams actually. I just want to become a housewife and take care of my husband and kids.
• United States
11 Apr 10
My greatest dream is to marry my boyfriend who is the love of my life, and also become the editor of a huge fashion magazine like vogue or instyle or anything related to fashion. And then later I'd love to live in a luxuriously beautiful home and settle down to have a perfect little baby with my love!
• United States
17 Apr 10
ACtually, not too long ago, my dream was almost the same as yours, just reversed genders. I wanted a providing husband, with a gentle wife, kids, and to live a good life. Funny thing is that that isn't a normal dream for a pre-teen/teenager, is it? I never went through the whole "I wanna be a super-hero" thing, ever. Even when I was really young, I just wanted ot have a peaceful tranquil life. Now, I would have to say..... Actually, I don't think I have a dream, or at least one that's moderately achievable. I dream of world peace, but that's about all I do for the cause.
@kalpine2 (90)
• Kenya
10 Apr 10
My greatest dream was getting rich, being happy, and marrying a wonderful wife and living happily ever after. But I'd go through a lot of problems before I got there. I know that some day that dream will come true. I'm in a tight spot and nothing seems to workout for me. I saw in my dream that I would suffer but God was going to save me. That's what I've been waiting for, for six years now. Yet I've seen nothing come to fruition.
• Philippines
22 Apr 10
My greatest dream in life would be to travel around the world and experience different cultures and meet different peoples. To be in places where civilization barely exist and have the adventure of a lifetime. To go skydiving and diving in the depths of the oceans. That is my greatest dream.
• Philippines
8 Apr 10
I want to a businesswoman. That is my ultimate dream right now. I'm planning to work in a call center and try to save up for my future business. When my savings is enough for my investment then that's the time I'm going to resign. I will have a partnership with my close friend. And we will put up an internet cafe. And from there, we will branch out and then start another business:maybe a boarding house for college students.hehe.
@jobmoone (442)
• Philippines
8 Apr 10
My greatest dream in life is to travel around any places. I know I need a lot of preparation for myself even as of now yet they say other things can be learned on the spot. Its about learning more and more around us. Making myself to be a worthy one.
8 Apr 10
my dream is to travel around the world together with my love ones...
@yachne (14)
• China
8 Apr 10
hello,i'm a newer and i come from China,maybe my English isn't well.I thought your dream is a common while great.and bless you. My dream is visit the whole world.