super natural power

April 8, 2010 11:22am CST
hi according to indian mythology , human beings had many and different kind of super natural power such has mind communication, future prediction , by focusing your brain on a huge stone breaking it without even touching it, even some magic so many thing . is it true that human being have the power in then but we are not able to bring it out , do we posses it , what do u think about that do u have any example of some one in your locality possesing natural power
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• Indonesia
26 Apr 10
See, this is just another thing beside the thing that we use to deal with it. Every man has different kind of ability. And some other has the same ability. Not just according to Indian mythology, every nation on earth has their super natural believe, in Africa we know voodo that man can have super natural power that get from animal spirit, each saman has its own animal spirit. In Bali, Indonesia, so many superstitious surounding the island, and even Scandinavian. Why we can't bring it up? because we have no gift for that, and we never practice even have no teacher for it. We need to practice and need a guide/guru, and we have to be got talent. We can learn to possessing natural power, what we need is just willing to learn and use it for good purpose.
• India
8 Apr 10
It is just a myth to invoke in people an awe and wonder and are told in mythological stories to add magic to mystery. I do not believe them to be true.
• Philippines
8 Apr 10
I don't think they're real. They're just myths for our entertainment like hercules, achilles, zeus, etc.. I suggest you don't believe it either. You're just gonna waste your time with it.