Kids paying room and board

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April 8, 2010 4:06pm CST
My son just turned twenty at the end of March, and got a real good paying job. I asked him if he could start paying me fifty a week for living still at home seeing how I stil do his laundry, and buy food,and he has who ever he wants sleep here, etc. He said I am his mom that he doesn't have to pay me to live with me. Am I being in the wrong to ask him for a bit of money to help out? Is fifty a week too much? It includes all, lights,cable,internet,food,laundry,heat,etc. I don't want to seem mean,and don't want to push him away or out, so how do I persue this or do I just let him live here rent free,etc?
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8 Apr 10
I would pursue the issue, he is a member of the household and he needs to make a contribution. Even if he was doing a little maintenance on the house, he is making the electric, food, and water bills go up. I would let it rest for a week or so, and if he still hasn't given you anything, discuss it with him again. It'll give you time to think of the best way to talk to him without him being offended. If you back down he will continue taking advantage of your goodwill and you will become a crutch for him. Help him to stand on his own two feet. That's what my parents did with me and I'm grateful to this day for the lessons they taught me.