Can all your Feelings and Emotions come down to a set of Numbers????

@bird123 (10564)
United States
April 9, 2010 11:00pm CST
When it comes to God and religion, feelings and emotions can play a big part. Perhaps the fear of death alone makes people look for a higher power or more meaning beyond the 100 years of life one could possess here on Earth. So many place great value on feelings and emotions. For some, that is all there is. Can all your feelings and emotions come down to a set of numbers?? A Being capable of creating universes must have a high level of intelligence far beyond that of man. The reality is that we are ants. Perhaps that is why so few really understand God. You can tell a lot about Someone through their actions. Look at this world and universe around us. It all works so well. It all adds up whether you understand it or not. When we uncover new science, we discover the level of complexity runs even deeper. This deep level of complexity runs not only in our surroundings but with us as well. God has the emotions and feelings down to a set of very complex numbers. Just like DNA, it's going to take alot of man hours for mankind to even come close to understanding the dynamics of it all. Having emotions and feelings down to a set of numbers might scare some. Seems cold and calculating like some of humanity. Nothing is further from the truth. God is Unconditional Love. There is good reason and high intelligence behind that!!! In time, we will learn that no matter how you add it all up, unconditional love is the only answer. Maybe we can save ourselves lots of growing pains,lessons, and adversity if we start loving everyone unconditionally today!!
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@Pose123 (21661)
• Canada
10 Apr 10
Hi bird, As usual I agree with you. Unconditional love is the only answer yet it has never be easy for humans to practice. Much of it may be due to the fact that so many religions have always taught that God had human faults, although they may not call it that. They picture God as vengeful and angry and one who doesn't give second chances, it's do as I say or go to hell, this dispute the fact that no one knows for sure what he has really said. That is certainly not the same God that I encounter everyday as I look around this beautiful world or that I experience in my times of solitude. Even in ancient Greek and Roman mythology there were Gods of war who fought each other. In every human conflict people have always felt that God was on their side and many still feel that way today. In the Christian and Jewish tradition, God is even a bad parent who has chosen a people who are special to him over all others. With this view of God is it any wonder that people are full of fear and think it's okay to kill others that don't believe as you do. Until religion starts teaching and practicing unconditional love, most people won't either. The ways of God are so far above our ways that nothing but that kind of love is really comprehensible. Blessings.
@bird123 (10564)
• United States
11 Apr 10
As with so many in this world, they picture things as they want them to be instead of what really is. Their view of God is a reflection of who they are. As you say, the truth is out there waiting for those willing to see. We must point the way as we travel through life. To take on the complete understanding of God is to welcome an eternity of learning, wisdom, and wonder just like so many young children starting out in life today. It's part of the stuff that makes living wonderful, the infinite possibilities. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. They are out there waiting for those who choose to see.Even if they do not see right away, it will be part of their journey to discovery. Thanks for stopping by.