Please explain me the story of PC game "Braid"

April 10, 2010 1:19am CST
Have anyone played the game "Braid". It was an amazing game. The gameplay was totally different than what i m used to. But what i couldn't figure out was its story. I couldn't connect the text in the books of that game to figure out exactly what was going on. Did Tim find the princes? Who was that knight that appeared at the end? Why was princess running from tim and What mistake did tim make. I also heard something about a bomb theory. Is that theory correct? How can princess really be a bomb?
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• United States
10 Apr 10
i got braid for the playstation 3. I havent completed it yet, but i can tell that there are hidden stars throughout the game that are CRAZY HARD to find. i suggesting youtubing it just to see how crazy it is.
• India
10 Apr 10
ya.. i saw that if you actually find all the stars you can actually reach the princess and if u catch her she explodes.