Earning money online mine tutorial [ NO GPT! ]

@synbitz (106)
April 10, 2010 3:32am CST
Ok, I earn my money without any paid to click sites. The only gpt sites i join are niche sites or special sites that have something unique to offer. Paid to click cant convince me anymore [scams]. Anyway I worked out a plan to get started, i'm sharing it with you right now # It's the internet, you need a website. You will need atleast one website. it's your only way to reach an audience. I actually thought of that and got started with one blog. after 2 months I still didnt get any search engine traffic so I set up some more blogs that target different keywords. Today, 2 of my blogs do not need any more linking or promotion, I get search engine traffic daily and my blogs have a PR 3 . Anyway The trick to write a good blog is to write unique content. Instead of promoting just a link, Also make a video, add a lovely text, convince your visitors! next thing to take in mind is : "DO NOT WRITE FOR REFERRALS OR MONEY" blog when you feel you got something interesting to share with the world. The best ratio for blogging is making 2 high quality blog posts every week. You can earn money with blogs by putting content based advertising ( adsense, bidvertiser, adbrite, clicksor ) ... on them. But that's not what I do... I use it to build traffic to my main affiliate website which has google ads. I'm earning some 10 dollars each month with 1500 unique visitors. # Options you can promote & things u can write about - Traffic exchange - Get paid to share files - Unique GPT ( GomezPeer? ) - Tricks and tips for webmasters - SEO and getting visitors - News about your niche - Expectations and rewards you get - Youtube tutorials! # Content networking. So you will need, visitors! I get a steady rate of +- 60 visitors a day on my main site, and +500 each day in myy whole content network. The idea is simple, I made a series of blogs and linked them together. I also created 5 squidoo lenses and 5 hubpages articles, and linked them all together. I also made 13 youtube video's... AND LINKED THEM! I join in on discussion boards to leave links, I do blog commenting to leave links... just make sure you find a community where someone is asking something YOU wrote about. You can then refer him to your article. # Affiliate marketing. I'm trying to get started with affiliate marketing, but I understand you need a lot of visitors before it will actuallly get u sales. I am going to wait untill I reach a minimum of 10 000 unique visitors a month. Afterwards I am going to set up One affiliate banner, and Some affiliate links for the Niche I am in. Anyway Getting referrals is an easy job because i got so much articles videos and blogs to promote on. Hope you found this reading material somewhat interesting cause it took some time to write it down. Hope you understand that.. if you want to earn money online, u need to have CONTENT ONLINE! A LOT OF !
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@pierone (1895)
• Italy
11 Apr 10
Your suggestions are really interesting. I'm impressed for the rank you reached with your blogs. I will try to keep in mind your discussion in future. Thanks for share with us your experience. Wish you the best success, and happy earnings to all of us!
@tluanga (768)
• India
10 Apr 10
nice work you got here! getting referral is the most important for any online jobs i guess...
• Philippines
10 Apr 10
Things buddy, for the tips I make it right to have that one to create my own system to work in my internet business.