Is there online something that we can get for free without any catch?

April 10, 2010 10:00am CST
Hello, friends! Do you think is there online something that we can get for free without any catch? Like some jewelry or laptop? Or my thought is too childish? Thanks!
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@maezee (42168)
• United States
12 Jul 10
You can sometimes go online and order free samples of things, which don't usually have any strings attached. Although sometimes, you have to give up your email address, which makes you vulnerable to their periodic email marketing or newsletters (which can be a pain) and sometimes you have to answer a couple of questions. But in my opinion, what's a couple more pieces of spam junk mail? I'd do it. I just ordered about 20 different freebies last night. I'm excited to get them in the mail!
• Latvia
11 Aug 10
Hmmm...What about getting some of freebies to Europe? I think most of the sites that offer free things are just for USA unfortunately. I have seen a website that offers free things for French people but not for my country...Thanks you for sharing your opinion!
• United States
10 Apr 10
You can go to There are freebies such as samples and what not but there is nothing so fancy as laptops and only occasionally jewlry. I usually get coupons, food and other samples as well as some promotional t-shirts and mugs.
• Latvia
10 Apr 10
Hello! Thanks for your response! I will try that site! Have a great day!!!
@ucl800 (860)
• Greece
21 Jul 10
I think this depence on what country are you living in. If for example you were from US it would be much easier to get some free stuff online. In any case you can check some freebie site and have a try.