alkaline H2O whats the best thing on it?

April 10, 2010 1:17pm CST
Hello myloters, people around the 80's decade only uses plain or filtered water to drink but as the years went by reverse osmosis process was introduced and right now there is alkaline water. Can someone differentiate this to the plain tap water?
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@cianoy (513)
• Philippines
5 May 10
As far as I know tap water is generally alkaline. But this also depends on your water source. If this includes various minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, the water will likely be alkaline. HOWEVER, depending on your piping and the amount of chlorine in your water, tap water may or may not be drinkable. Distilled or purified water is basically pure H2O and would usually taste bland. It's also aggressive in terms of getting minerals from your body. Read up on free radicals for a deeper view. Because of this aggressive nature, distilled water can deplete your body of minerals and eventually cause various ailments. The benefits of alkaline water can be best viewed as a contrast to distilled water. The retention of the minerals and the ionization of the minerals shows up on the PH level and the ORP level. (read up on those too). It thus helps maintain the body's PH balance (considering that our diets are generally acidic) and helps prevent acidity rooted conditions (arthritis, acid reflux, ulcer, etc). I hope that helps. I've written a lot of stuff about this. Just check out my site one time. It even attempts to simplify how alkaline water helps alkalize the body.
@petersum (4525)
• United States
11 Apr 10
For most of the world, plain tap water either doesn't exist or it is undrinkable. Hence the various kinds of expensive water. Most of the world also cheats! Bottled water is often worse quality than that in your tap. Reverse osmosis doesn't work fast enough to be financially viable so dirty water is added to the processed water (technically it is cleaner than the original!). Alkaline water is just a gimmick with no scientific backing. Distilled water is indeed pure but tastes terrible. Water remains the world's biggest problem. Easiest cure for clean drinkable water is a correctly designed sand filter. But, it would be bigger than your house!