what is the best instrument bundle on wii?

April 11, 2010 12:29am CST
Hello to everyone, I really want to play guitar hero and rock band but it's impossible on wii because there are conflict between the software. I'm thinking that I would buy guitar hero because it is compatible in rock 2 and beatles and it is wireless ( but I really want to play them all) Now, there are third party instrument which is the pega crazy drum ( 3 in 1) which can only play rock band and it can also play guitar hero but only the guitar. The advantage of this is that it is 50% cheaper than the original, it has a shop warranty for fixing. Can anyone help me decide, I can wait if other company will launch an intrument that is compatible in all. And also I cannot afford to buy both. Thank you for sharing and happy mylotting.
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• United States
29 Apr 10
Part of it really depends on what you are comfortable with playing. Personally I cannot stand the guitar hero guitar and am not much into how their drums seem. Thus I just settle for Rock Band. It isn't worth having the guitar hero junk when I wouldn't play he games much since I hate the guitar. On the other hand I know plenty of people that lie the uitar hero stuff, which allows you to play more games overall, alhough not everything. I don have any experience with the this party stuff, but since drums are my fav I don't know if I would like that option, as it sounds like they don't work with everything. If you are a guitar gamer, though, that sounds awesome.
• Philippines
5 May 10
yeah, I think so too that the review for the instrument bundle on wii is a bluff. Yeah maybe it depends on the player, I just want to have some fun with my family and friends. I want to experience the drums but I hate also the guitar cuz it doesn't feel like real, it's better to play real guitar. Anyway, thank you for the reply.
@damned_dle (3943)
• Philippines
14 Jun 10
guitar hero: world tour. 5 pc drums. compatible with most rockbands too (i have beatles,rockband,lego rockband). the drumset feels real because of its positions unlike the drums in rockband.