Does a doctor's prescription drugs always good to your systems?

April 11, 2010 2:36am CST
I do not always makes this a topic,but sometimes a prescription made by a doctor seems to make me feel dizzy,with a feeling of bigger visions,and my stomach is always like empty even if I take some foods before taking my medication.I just taught that my body was just adjusting the drugs,but days was over that I am hesitant to take the drug anymore,instead I drunk a water with 2 cups of sugar and consumed it all to detoxify my body,because I feel I am overdose to the drug or was over prescribed to its dosage,so I go back to my doctor and was given a good drug than what was prescribed before.
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@myzire72 (1157)
• Singapore
11 Apr 10
I guess you have to trust that the doctor will always do his best to cure our sickness, by giving us the most suitable medicine. Of course, each patient is unique and some medicine suitable for a patient may not be suitable for another patient. Therefore, to assist the doctors in his diagnosis and dispensing of medicine, one has to tell him everything about his health history and allergies. Also, try to visit the same doctor as he will have a better knowledge of one's health condition.
• Philippines
12 Apr 10
Thank you very much for the response.He has already change for the better medicine for my ailment.I never felt the same traumatic experiences as the first one,because I can have good eyesight and do not feel dizzy anymore.
@alh334 (4)
• United States
11 Apr 10
Everyone is different...and if you read the information that comes with your prescriptions you'll see that some medications have side effects and you might be experiencing just these side effects, most of these are nothing to worry about but it's up to you if your symptoms are worse than the side effects...
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