What defects despised most in a man?

April 11, 2010 3:28am CST
Lying, cruelty, avarice, bad taste, lack of education, perversity, stupidity, xenophobia, nationalism, racism, false superiority displayed . These are just a few. In general, as any man, I hate lie. Then, appears to give flatterer who falsehood people around you well just to win your confidence, make you confess to them and then take advantage of you and you blackmail ... I hate this one the coolest after lie. Better by telling me a really clean, as it is and wait to see what happens next even if the truth is that one little bite. I for example i do not lie and if i must say a lie, is something totally insignificant and small, that even if I was not put anyone at risk. Sometimes a lie is also good (a close relative of you and know that to die in the near future. however, not discouraged man. You give him confidence and encouraged them!) but it's like a drug, a lie hard by itself and all other so until you get to "live" on them and those who believe what they say, here comes the credulity of people who can not say that I hate but it's pretty bad for those who are "sloppy".
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@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
11 Apr 10
In particular, I hate hypocrisy. Dislike hypocritical people, who behave in a way when you're the girl, and when you're missing gossip. Also, I hate lying, like I always tell the truth in front , only to be lied to and flattery. Selfishness is another flaw that not stand him. We humans are made as we help each other, not to be greedy.