How to be Good Girlfriend

April 12, 2010 1:14am CST
What is the main role of a good girlfriend? I've been in a 7 years relationship before. I thought he was the one whom I can spend the rest of my life. Until time seperated us coz I had to go overseas to fulfill my dreams and at the same time to support my parents. When I went back home, I'd found out that he was already married and had a kid. I was hurt but had to accept the fact. All I was thinking is that we had a good relationship before and I became a loyal and good girlfriend to him. It was his weakness as a man seperated us. It was really hurtful, but it's over now and Im already in a new relatioship with different nationality, he came from the different part of the world. I want him to be my lifetime partner, and I could say that I really love him. He has the attitude, which I don't understand sometimes, but still I have always my big patients for him to understands eventhough sometimes it almost makes me cry. That's love. But my question is how can I be a good girlfriend? Are there some rules and regulations, specially for those people came from the other nationality?
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@besthope44 (12135)
• India
30 Aug 10
Love him for what he is and never expect anything. And love him truly and never hurt.
• Philippines
7 Jun 10
i think a good girlfriend always understand on what's the behavior of his boyfriend. if she really loves the guy, she will not be jealous if she saw his boyfriend talking to other girls. a girlfriend that you can call when you have a problem and can bring happiness and inspiration to your life. for me, in your problem, you should not put yourself down, you know in your mind that you are a good girlfriend. the secret of being a good girlfriend is being sweet, caring and faithful.
• Australia
29 Apr 10
never try to make yourself someone dreamed about, you will never make it. there is no perfect guy in the world. rather than thinking about how to be a good girlfriend, it is more reality to think about being yourself. you are so gorgeous that he does not deserve. never try to make others happy because they wont appreciate and love you back . i just think you can show off yourself, make the guy you really love find your unique beauty and stick to you and try to make you happy... he wont because he is not that right guy for you... your Mr Right is still out there and looking for you. just enjoy the love, dont think to much as no one knows what will have tomorrow,
• Philippines
26 Apr 10
There are no rules or different treatment even that person came from the other nationality. When it comes being a good girlfriend all you need is trust, understanding and lots and lots of love. Love is not perfect, when we love someone, we accept who they are even at their worst. Remember, love last if you both accepted what the opposite is, understanding and both must exchange different thoughts even your own dreams.
@Eric1988 (11)
• New Zealand
12 Apr 10
You was in a relationship with your ex-parner,that means you basically konw how to treat the people you love.As to international marrage,as far as i concerned communitcation plays an absolutely part in a relationship as both has different cultures,which has great impact on the way one acts and thinks.
@dimple27 (31)
• Philippines
12 Apr 10
you have to love him truthfully.. show him that you cared for him.. forget about your past relationship and try to focus on the new one.. if you still haven't forgot your past..try to move on.. accept the fact that you can no longer be together.. as of your new one..try to understand him..especially that he has different nationality..