You happened to "guess" who you call before to look to phone's display ?

April 12, 2010 4:59am CST
Smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing ... Plus another thing: the ability to feel someone loves you, mind you, dominate you. That is intuition! Listen to your inner voice! Not just a "voice", but if you're quiet and sincere, "feel" what's really better to do. You "feel" before your child tell you child he did for the exam? You have "reversed" to go for a weekend at sea and then you find out that it rained all the time? Means you intuition. you know, you said it. But what is, in fact, intuition? Is the ability to find truth without logical reasoning - so ... sudden and immediate. Without preconditions, without demonstrations. It's kind of "knowledge" that you remember or know if someone likes you. As many gestures you make, in essence, not how to prove that you love your mother. But she knows and does not need evidence: the extent to which predicts! Scientists to "stand in the neck" because they did not how to measure, how to check. and still, can not they live without it. Existence of intuition is one of the reasons that psychology is thriving. and becoming more quality to which everyone aspires. You're an intuitive person, and listen to your intuition, and often find it better that way?
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