Have you ever been on vacation / trip camping ?

April 13, 2010 2:09am CST
Is not very comfortable and not very cheap too, because you must to have a lot of equipment as you feel good, the only advantage is that you can breathe better, for those with a sense of adventure is something new, and not tied than you, your ability to get to do without baths, toilet, meals served at the restaurant and why not the comfort of a clean bed in hotel. During college, years ago, this was the perfect vacation for me, and a circle of friends, for the adventure in the mountains, with campfire, roast made directly on the fire, with washing at the river, or fruit eaten directly forest, it was great, I remember the nights when the fire dance outside the music played by some of us, the guitar, and laughter to join us till dawn. Did you ever spent holidays camping,to the mountains or on a sea beach, and you left with unforgettable memories, you rest with that sweet taste of adventure, which it now after years not found in anything?
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@maximax8 (31068)
• United Kingdom
14 Apr 10
I think camping is an economical way travel and stay in cheap accommodation: my own tent. I have a tent, a camping mat and a sleeping bag. I have camping plates, cups and cutlery. Two summers ago I went camping with my toddler son and two dogs to a campsite in a rural position close to the coastline. It was a lovely little trip and it was packed in my tent. Now I have a baby daughter as well I hope to get a bigger tent for camping this summer. Last summer my daughter was born and I was too poorly to go on a camping trip. Seven years ago so save money I went on a camping trip to Croatia. I also stayed in a youth hostel and a private room. I stayed at some lovely camping grounds. When I was 29 years old I walked two of the Great Walks in New Zealand and camped along the way. I remember a superb location was a sandy little cove. It was a beautiful setting and a very peaceful place. At age 20 I traveled to Australia and I did some camping in Queensland. I went to a national park and camped there. I had to hang my food outside my tent on rope between two bottles. That way the animals didn't eat it.
• Singapore
13 Apr 10
5 years ago, when i still studied in university, that was the last year in my degree. we had a trip camping to mountain. i was really enjoyed the camping, because it was something new for me, a lot of game, dance, sing that we had together. yeah... it is quite expensive and need to prepare all the things, like building the tend, prepare the equipment for cooking, and hiking. if we compare with staying in hotel, yeah.. trip camping can not get as same comfortable as hotel. but the memory i think, it is more unforgettable than staying in hotel.
@chiyosan (30188)
• Philippines
13 Apr 10
i have been to camping back in highschool and in college.. i have been in a mini camping with friends too and that is not funded by the school so i bet it was much better since we get to do our own stuff! :D he he shall you say camping out in an island counts?