How to define an elegant person? (Not only clothes)? Are you a stylish person?

April 13, 2010 6:08am CST
Elegance is not just beauty. Elegance is not equal with beauty ! Beauty is an essential part of elegance. And it's not something physical, but the impact, the side that sparks a particular position, look, attitude, gesture, way in talking. A stylish person is one who: - is nice - it's in good taste - is distinguished by harmony and good taste of clothing - is full of tact - is devoid of brutality!! Style and elegance involves a combination of qualities, some subjective, some not, that if you find it ,well out elegance. (I know, sounds like a cooking recipe). Is important to master this combination, and then you can consider an elegant person in general. However, I consider beauty as an essential component in elegance. It's good though that we can jump to that point, not so much a sense of timeless, as for us, so in general.
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@salja1 (49)
• Trinidad And Tobago
19 Apr 10
I agree with you when you say beauty is an essential part of elegance. Something attracts you to an elegant person. For instance, a person can enter a room with such elegance and you have not seen the face as yet. Its the poise and grace with which the entrance was made. And as she gets closer, the prettiness appears and as you hear the speech, its just the icing on the cake. Defined elegance.
@OConnell87 (1042)
13 Apr 10
i do believe also that beauty is a characteristic of elegance because i can't imagine someone who doesn't make an effort with their hair or make-up and wearing joggers being defined as elegant even if they can be when they do make an effort. I also thing that the way you speak can define you being elegant aswell its usually a posh accent that people associate this with.
• Philippines
13 Apr 10
Elegance is the impact that a person has to the other. It is on how you carry your self and being confident and comfortable with it.I am not an stylish person. I prefer to wear things wherein I am comfprtable to it.