my lover is tenderness. i do not want to hurt her .tell me what i should to do

April 14, 2010 11:02am CST
i am a collage student .but my lover is working as a business. we love deeply each other. for the near term .she tell me she want to marry with me. it seems to me that what her words is wrong .but she insist that right . if do that .it will affect my study. how can i ask her agree with me.
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• Philippines
15 Apr 10
Hi! Does she mean that she want to marry you now? Or maybe it is just an insight since you are her boy friend of course she has that dream that you are the right man she want to marry. If she mean now even you are still studying, you can talk to her by explaining it to her that, you want to finish your studies first because that would better for both of you and specially that you are the man and you will be the provider of your future family, unless you don't have a plan to marry here,then that would absolutely hurt her. Talk to her with love and understandng it will not hurt her.
• Philippines
14 Apr 10
i suggest you tell her honestly about how you really feel! marriage is not a jowk and neither is a game!!! once your in, there no point of turning back! make some pros and cons and discuss this with her! before making a decision, make sure it is a mature one! the last but not the least....the most important above all!!! ~~~ pray!!! pray for wisdom -- that when you talk to her, God is speaking through you. pray that you may speak the right words and that you may be able to tell her all the things you've been wanting to tell her. pray that God may guide your way and your decisions in life! believe that whatever happens it is GOD's WILL!!!!! GODBLESS.... :)