what is your unforgettable experience on travel

@wxx8899 (111)
April 15, 2010 12:24am CST
i think every one must had a unforgettable experience about travel,not matter wonderful or terrible.my unforgettable travel is went to beijing,china during 2008 olympic game.trough the travel, i witness the whole beijing during olmpic games,thousands of people around world came there,who seemed enjoy chinese tradition culture and people very much.forbidden city,summer palace,great wall where are full of foreign tourists at that time.also,as a host of olympic games,china,shows her great friendly and welcome to the foreigners,volunteers who is want to help foreigner get into trouble in china are everywhere on the street and many volunteer work station there.moreover,i went to our capital museum at that time when a globalization culture show opens.items come from hundreds of country which represent their own culture and history are shown there.it really expended my horizon. mylotters,what is your unforgettable travel experience,come on and share with us.:D
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@babing20 (48)
• Philippines
22 Apr 10
i recently posted that i would go trekking during the weekend. well, i was able to do that. we went to Mt. Manabu in batangas. i was told that we would be climbing a mountain, so somehow, i was prepared that it will be hard. what i did not expect was that it would be so hard. first, my friends who are also first timers brought a lot of food, which added to the weight. another, we started hiking late in the afternoon, darkness fell while we were on our way. then, when we got on top, it was very cold and there were other hikers who already started their camp. we had to look for a place where we can put up our tents. overall, it was an unforgettable experience. though it was hard, the climb was very fulfilling, the feeling of being able to climb so high and enjoy nature from the peak is something that is really worthy of the sweat. :)
@wxx8899 (111)
• China
24 Apr 10
hi,thank you for you response. i think hike is really a unforgettable experience,for the self-satisfication you achieve when you on the top of mountain can not be compared.that is why so many aplines in the world. i also have a experience about hike with my friends and i really enjoy the green mountain
@jwfarrimond (4474)
3 May 10
My most unforgettable travel experience, for all the wrong reasons, was having my passport, money, travel tickets and other valuables stolen in Barcelona, Spain. That was a horrible experience and I'll probably never return to Spain as a result.
@mspitot (3827)
• Philippines
19 Apr 10
it's when i was in second year high school. we were on a field trip and i threw up. it was my first time to throw up. i hated it.