google chrome better then firefox

United States
April 15, 2010 7:36pm CST
Mylots Today was the day i upgraded to google chrome and surprising i LOVE IT much better then firefox less crashing faster speed BIGGER screen it makes money making online a whole new experience so try it out if you don't trust me. oh yea forgot to ask about what you think haha. Do you like firefox better or google chrome better?
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@climber7565 (2579)
• United States
16 Apr 10
Well now this is a good post, I can't wait to read all other reflections about the comparison. I like firefox but will be open to the experience.
• United States
2 May 10
ehh firefox is good and all if you have a desktop unlike me using a labtop and the cpu sucks on this labtop so it causes my firefox to crash every 2 minutes but with chrome i get to get my work done and hassle free xD
• United States
7 May 10
oh I am glad you posted this discussion. I have been having troubles with firefox. for the longest time and it even cause my computer to crash several times. I even ended up formating it 7 times, and finally decided to buy a new computer. The computer for some reason would submit or execute the "enter" function, would open multiple windows or execute which ever function was up and ready and start up a loop. I can't figure out why or what caused it. It started happening as of the last update from windows sp3 pack. I gave up on trying to fix it and shut my computer down. Later, found on the internet that firefox is not longer compatible with windows 7 and the latest updates. On the other hand "Safari" is compatible and a fast browser too. So, like a miracle I decided to turn my computer back on, and uninstalled the firefox browser, so at I type this on another computer. I am testing the other computer to see how it works out and so far no issues. go figure. lol
@mendoma (47)
• Philippines
17 Apr 10
My work requires me to open a browser, and all of us here recommend firefox. Its not just about the add-ons but the compatibility of the browser. Firefox does support Ajax, javascript and other requirements of almost all websites... FireFox is better
• United States
17 Apr 10
well for my job which is just surfing i don't need all that add-ons just over loads my cpu and i lag like crazy xD
• Indonesia
11 May 10
Currently i'm using opera. I think opera is one of the best browser in the speed matter. I feel it's easy to use and it has simple interface and it seems only using few of our computer resource. But if you want to know about the best internet browser, so i know that mozilla firefox with the latest version is the best one. It has web 2.0 optimalization and many more which so far we can't find them on other's browser yet. However, i think choosing an internet browser is also depend on your computer's resources. More over, we still also need to installing many plugins into our browser for better performance. But, based on internet opinion, Mozilla is the best for me. It runs smoothly without many problems, works on all of the websites I use, and really is not too much of a hassle. Internet Explorer used to be my favorite but that's changed. With the last couple of versions, this browser has taken a step in the wrong direction. I do not know what happened but its gotten slow and rather clunky, with most of the websites taking a long time to load and that's on a fast Internet connection. So Mozilla Firefox for me, that's pretty much the browser that I use for ninety nine percent of my Internet browsing. happy mylotting.. .javascript:__doPostBack('ctl00$cphMainContent$lbStart','')
@beachdune (907)
• India
16 Apr 10
Firefox is the best - all day.
• United States
16 Apr 10
well i agree firefox is good when it comes to desktops but i got a labtop and trust me you don't want firefox killing your cpu on a labtop causes alot of problems xD
@catalyser (531)
• Malaysia
16 Apr 10
I moved from firefox to chrome only because it looks much more sleeker and it is faster since it eats up a lot less resources. The downside however is the flash handling. Firefox handles flash a lot better than most