what is the best part of milk products ?

April 16, 2010 11:59am CST
Milk in generall is good for everyone. Mainly small babies thrive on only this milk food as it gives all the essential for the growth. But then the milk products has some disadvantage of consuming it in the long run like cheese, butter as it has high cholesterol level.so what is your opinion about this ?
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@magtibaygom (4861)
• Philippines
25 May 10
You have mentioned there some bad effects of over-consumption of milk. Well, anything that is taken in excess is bad for our health. Even water, if taken excessively can kill us by drowning us!
@BART78 (2931)
• Canada
25 May 10
milk has a good side and bad side so the rule here is 1-2 glasses of milk a day is enough to a regular person, non-fat milk is more preferable to avoid those unwanted fats...
@ronnyb (6117)
• Jamaica
23 Apr 10
I havent been consuming a lot of milk or milk products lately but my favourite milk product would be ice cream ,next cheese and finally yoghurt.I like chocolate milk too but I havent been seeing it on the shelves lately and also eggnog
• China
20 Apr 10
holoprotein, it contain all kinds of amino acid, compared to many animal, there is low levels of cholesterol in milk, it is worth mentioning that certain components of milk can inhibit the amount of cholesterol in liver.
@Vikkyd (198)
• Finland
16 Apr 10
I always drink the recommended amount or more of milk every day. That's mostly because the calcium. I want to keep my bones healthy as long as possible and don't like osteoporosis at all :D And besides, I also like the taste of milk ;)
@dpk262006 (56737)
• Delhi, India
16 Apr 10
Milk is the best source of natural calcium and either milk or its products if consumed in proper quantity help us grow and strengthen our bones. I love to consume milk and milk products as it is very essential for our body.