Site turns scam 1 to 2 days after I joined the site!

April 16, 2010 3:04pm CST
Oh men! What a bad luck! I always check the status of the site before I joined... Too bad when I browse the net this site is still on the paying lists. I joined it and invested five dollars... Yeah, you guess it right, it is a hyip site... The waiting time is only three days, Short investment huh, and you can cash out including your investment... Last April 15 was my third day so I requested for withdrawal, though I was at first thinking of rolling it for a while, I changed my mind and filed a withdrawal. Payments are said to be instant. It says in their FAQ, if the payment was not recieved instantly, members must contact their live support and inform... I waited but still no payment received... I contacted the admin and report the matter to them but got not a single response from them till now. The live support is offline too... Suspeciously, I checked the net again... Oh men!!!! New reviews are posted... NOT PAYING AND PROBLEM SITE! Seems like the site stop paying a day after I invested... What a bad lcuk! Do you have the same experience like mine? Like you take some necessary research before hand but ending being scam still? How do you feel?
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• India
30 Apr 10
its so unfortunate. it happened to me even, i invested $10 in a site called nasmoss and it turned up to be scam the next day. but there are occasions when i got paid and the site turned scam the next day... so i will say i was not unfortunate all the time. now i'm very careful while investing in hyips, so i get scammed less these days.
• Philippines
1 May 10
Hi earcommunity! HYIPS are really risky. As for me, I stop investing on those sites now... Well I only lost $5 dollars not much but I will not try to risk or gamble again. Well good luck to you earncommunity. Yes you must be very careful coz most of them are paying now, today but tomorrow... we don't know...
@pierone (1895)
• Italy
28 Apr 10
So friend, please, stop to invest in the sites where I've already invested! :P Maybe if you don't join the site they will don't turn into a scam! Seems they are waiting you to turn into scam, so please, let them wait a bit more. Visit their page everyday, but never join. They will think you're going to fall into their trap, and they will still pay us all :P :P :P You know, HYIPs are a risk, maybe we should try to invest in the newest ones, wishing they pay for a while before they turn into a scam. Anyway once, years ago, I invested $1 in a site the second day it was online.... never got back my money ;)
• Philippines
29 Apr 10
Hi pierone! Hyips are very risky. The hyip site that I joined and turned scam after 2 days, was a new one... They have short term investment and many people have earned from them. I think they were up less than but almost a month. They were able to build a paying reputation on that short time... and that is why i also fell on them... Oh well, that was a bad luck really... I loss my interest with Hyips after that incident...