What do u do when you get bored in your job?

April 17, 2010 5:01am CST
I am a Home Health Aide and I have been taking care of this old couple for the last seven(7) months, and I guess they are now over-familiar that I sometimes feel they are going beyond what is expected of them. I live-in with them from Monday morning to Saturday morning. My parents just passed away when I started to take care of them so they are lucky because I treat them as my parents. They are both disable and either use walkers or wheelchairs. I get up early every morning and prepare myself to be of service to them but sometimes continue to do errands for them until late at night. They forget that I need to rest too. I understand when they accept invitations for social gatherings but they should think of my predicament of lugging out their wheelchairs in and out of cars that they should only limit this to once a week as we also have to go to their medical check-up, to rehab for therapy. These activities are taking a toll on me and I have been experiencing occasional aches and pains on my body and worry that this will get worse if they continue these activities. I already discussed with their children and one son said they can always look for somebody if I can not do the job. Don't you think he is being ungrateful or should I really look for another job and leave them?
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17 Apr 10
It sounds as though the family concerned are being a little bit unreasonable, however you have to remember the job that you are contracted to. if you are contracted to do all of these things, then you are either going to have to get on with it or look for employment elsewhere. I know what's it's like to be in a job you dislkie, it's not pleasant at all, so why not start looking for another job elsewhere anyway. it is always a good idea to keep your options open.