Sweeps Month

United States
April 19, 2010 3:45pm CST
I think many people are tired of the trial, so I am hoping that it will wind down soon allowing fresher plotlines to come to the forefront. There are a few possibilities I can see the writers leaning towards: Spencers vs. cassadines feud return. With Helena still in town, you know she can never let things stay calm for too long. Plus, whatever happened to this "step-son" that she was so afraid of the last time we saw her? I had thought it was going to be the new big bad but as soon as he was mentioned, he was forgotten. Hm. There's also a Quartermaines uprising in Port Charles. Not only is there the newest great granddaughter in town but so is Skye. Are the writers trying to remind us that the Quartermaines is not a family to forget? There's also probably more subtle storylines that I'm unaware of, right now, but that's just a few ideas. What do you think is gonna pop up or become the big draw for May?
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