Do you able to do toilet when someone is standing besides you doing toilet?

@siliguri (4232)
April 21, 2010 6:55am CST
I feel uncomfortable and can't do toilet if someone doing toilet standing besides me..I usually do toilet if there is no one in bathroom..Do you also have this type of problem..?
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@sunnycool (12736)
• India
21 Apr 10
Nobody would love to be watched until and unless they're Gay---Its pretty common to p** in public toilets but if someone is glaring at my private partthen i would make my way out *being Good*.great day.
@syankee525 (6293)
• United States
21 Apr 10
if i am at home, i can if its my wife. but in public restrooms, i hate it. if i pee i will use a stall.
@phoenix8606 (4977)
21 Apr 10
hell0 siliguri! long time no see! well, I just can't go pi** while someone is watching at me, because I feel shy in a situation like that and that's why all the time I go to the men's toilet I never go pi** in the things that are only in the men's toilet( i don't know the word in English), where you pi** beside other men, but i go directly to the cabins!
@deejgeek (192)
21 Apr 10
I feel uncomfortable too. Even someone is standing outside the bathroom as long as I can someone moving or doing something outside. I can't concentrate. LOL I think this is pretty normal.
@bodnath (32)
• Mauritius
21 Apr 10
I have no problem because my toilet is seperate from bathroom