The pleasure in pain? Is it okay?

United States
April 22, 2010 2:44pm CST
I know theres alot of kinks out there, but what about pain. Im one of the ones out there that seem to 'like' pain. my fiancee thinks im weird. And maybe I am. But Its not like Choking or bleeding or anything to ruff. Im tring to find a way to let my fiancee enjoy a little of what I like, But he thinks its degrading me. How do I change his mind. And does anyone else like Pain. Any ideas on how to get him involved. Please help.
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@saphrina (31552)
• South Africa
22 Apr 10
Sweetie, i tink you need to explain this to him. Step by step. Most men think they are either hurting you are that there is something wrong with you. A bit of help from your side, might get him into your taste. TATA.
• Philippines
23 Apr 10
22 Apr 10
You have to explain to him that participating is not degrading you it is pleasuring you because that is what you want. If you can give him the confidence to do what you like then he will see how much you enjoy it and he will then understand.
• United States
1 Jun 10
Thank you for the ideas. I will have to try that!
• Philippines
25 Apr 10
It is ok. I too have pleasure in pain. It is so great when it hurts.
• United States
24 Apr 10
seriously? of course its perfectly ok haha i myself enjoy pulling out the flog every once in a while :D and man dont even get my started about battlescars lol my body is covered in bloody scratch and bite wounds lol i say you go out and buy a flog and get your boyfreind to experiment with it ^_^