No sense at all

April 22, 2010 6:44pm CST
I know someone, though his not a friend, his nice to everyone but I always want to avoid this guy because he likes conversing and I find him boring and no sense at all. First I thought I the only one who thinks that way but I learned that my co-workers that they notice that also and that's the reason why I'm the only one that he got to chat with during breaks. I don't want to be rude but I don't like having conversations with him anymore, what should I do?
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@haimeng (33)
• China
23 Apr 10
I know someone like him. But it's a girl. She's talktive and acts like she cares about people, actually not. I don't speak to her now. But I don't think I deal with this thing adultly. There gotta be a better way. Maybe now I would avoid her and if I can't, I would definitely not ignore her like I do now.
@jinjer168 (1596)
• Philippines
23 Apr 10
Hi egonzales! well you should avoid him i guess, this will enable him to think about it and makes him avoid you as well. You cannot do something to a person even if you talk to him if its really his mind set or mind level. Its his personality and level of maturity and i believe that you cant change it anymore. Good luck and have a nice day!
• Australia
23 Apr 10
I think you should just avoid him completly, he will get the message sooner or later, just walk straight past him, dont acknowladge him, and start a conversation with another one of your co-workers, if he comes up and tries to join just ignore him completly, he will get the message, this might be harsh but sometimes you need to be harsh to be nice.
@mlotta (218)
• Managua, Nicaragua
23 Apr 10
Maybe you would want to tell him nicely and politely that you don't like to talk to him anymore. If you find that he is boring, then just tell him that he is boring. But be polite though, or you won't like his response. What I would do is go look in the mirror (if I ever do it) and practice what are you going to say to him. Then, when you're ready for him, just be confident that everything will go well. That's my advice to you. I don't know what other advice to give you at this moment, though.