hwo to promote the blog?

@hwj308 (64)
April 23, 2010 8:05am CST
When a blog or a website is launched , it is always so hard for me to promote it, could someone show us the ways to promote the blog or website to the foreign friends? by the way,I don't know many sites that foreign friends like to surf?So can you show me some what you like ?
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@caliya (1170)
• Philippines
23 Apr 10
SEO or search engine optimization is the key to promote your blog. Learn the trick and trades of SEO if you are really serious about being a successful blogger. It may be a little tedious though but it's going to be worth it. Good luck!
• Mexico
23 Apr 10
I would like to know more about SEO, can you please give me a guidance or tips on where to find information about it? I've always been interested by Search Engine Optimization but I haven't find the information in a way I can understand and apply to my own websites.
@peavey (16936)
• United States
23 Apr 10
In addition to what the others have said (you've got some great advice from them), use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to post links to individual blog posts.
23 Apr 10
Two things which you can do is to learn all about SEO, with particular focus on how to craft blog posts so that it targets specific keywords. By doing this you will stand a better chance of gaining some search engine traffic. The second is to just get out there and start promoting your site. That can be writing articles to go on article sites with links leading back to your blog, commenting on forums and other similar blogs so people visit after reading your comment. Which means making sure your comments make them interested enough to follow your link. The thing is that promotion is a continual task that to succeed in making a successful blog you will be doing every single day till you decide that you don't care for your blog anymore. For example I run a website which gets a decent amount of visitors every day, but then I spend a couple of hours every single day promoting my site via blog comments and article sites. It's something you have to do or else no matter how good your site is no one will ever discover it.