I miss my boy...

April 23, 2010 11:15pm CST
I remember when my son use to tell me to stay home and not go to work,i remember him running down the stairs to hug me and tell me how much he missed me.I can't even tell him i love him IN THE CAR at school cause peoples might hear.No more drawings waiting for me on the kitchen table,no more notes....I miss my little boy! My son turn 7 yrs old 2 weeks ago and i swear he is not the same little boy i use to know,he is now a little MAN.No kiss or hugs for me anymore and he doesn't miss me when i'm at work,i'll call on break and he won't talk to me cause his show is on...I know that he is growing up,i just didn't expect to bother me like that.What's wrong with me? I just LOVE my son very much and i guess i just needed to vent..Thank you for listening.........
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• Philippines
28 Apr 10
Hi Isabella... I have three of my own and my eldest is a boy now 15. i have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old girl too.. I sure can relate to your post..they grow up so fast.. but then, its also nice to see them growing knowing that even if we miss them as babies, they never missed out on the unseurpassable amount of love we have and want to give them.. Take care!
@piya84 (2581)
• India
24 Apr 10
Hii there isabells nothing is wrong with you.Almost all women go through it and wish their boys never grow up.They start behaving like that as they dont want to get label of mama's boy. You are a very kind and understanding mum.Be the same.Whenever you want to vent we my lotters are always here to listen you.
@nixxi76 (3191)
• Canada
24 Apr 10
From one mom to another I can tell you that no mom wants their baby to grow up. It's hard to let them grow up because at certain ages it's times like them giving you hugs and cuddling when you need a hug and you are their best friend. Nothing is wrong with you isabella.. nothing at all. To most people and almost every friend of mine that is a mother, when they get to these stages with their children then they have another child because they miss it so much. Have a nice night