What is the best THEME PARK you've been to?

April 24, 2010 4:58pm CST
Hey everyone! This year i went to Disneyland Paris, and it was simply amazing! It was super fun taking the famous rides etc. I took a new one called space mountain 2! It was probably the best ride i took there. It wasn't my first time to a theme park though... I've been to Disneyland in LA, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Universal Studios Singapore (recently opened) to just name a few famous ones. I've been to some in England long ago, can't remember the name though. Anyways, which is the best theme park that you've experienced? and when? also tell me about the best ride you took there=)
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@livvy092002 (1032)
• Philippines
25 Apr 10
My best theme park is Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines! It was very memorable there, I almost experienced all the rides.. from Log Jam to Anchors Away, Bump Cars, Rio Grande River, and Space Shuttle! The rides were awesome! I also liked Dream World theme park in Bangkok but we have a limited stay there so we hadn't got the chance to experience most of the rides there. The same also with Sentosa in Singapore. But for both theme parks, we had a lot of excellent pictures as souvenirs. Their designs were so distinguished and exciting. Oh, someday i would love to go to Disneyland! It will be a dream come true!
• Norway
25 Apr 10
Wow! i went to Sentosa too! and I've been to the parking lot of enchanted kingdom=p haha it was closed when i went there so yea... anyways Disneyland is a must experience i guess, so you should definietly go there one day, it is much bigger and more detailed than the other theme parks, and they have those famous Disney places you know of=)
@ypyanyan (956)
• China
25 Apr 10
Disneyland  - Disneyland is the pupil 's heaven .
it is attracting for me too. I never go to it for I have not enough money .
I aspire to go to play in Disneyland . but the price of disney's ticket is high for me .
Disneyland is the pupil 's heaven . it is attracting for me too. I never go to it for I have not enough money . I aspire to go to play in Disneyland . but the price of disney's ticket is high for me . for I seldom go to another places .I only go to a theme park . it is not good . I do not like it .
• Norway
25 Apr 10
Which Disneyland are you talking about? Yea, disneyland can be quite expensive and you spend a ton of money inside the park because they have so many things you can blow your money on, so i understand.
@pratheep87 (1227)
• India
25 Apr 10
Hello I am from India and in southern Indian in Kerala state we have a beautiful Theme Park named Veega Land. This is also built in mountain and has many games same of international theme park. Also the safely is also in International standards. Cheers
• Norway
25 Apr 10
Wow its built in the mountains? thats cool, hehe. I still haven't been to India, I really want to experience the culture over there although i have quite a few indian and pakistani friends so i know a bit about the cultures over there. If ever i visit Kerala state iw ould check Veega Land out;)
@hmkoct5 (2065)
• United States
24 Apr 10
The absolute best theme park to me is DisneyWorld in Florida. The reason I think it is the best is because it is four theme parks in one. There is Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. I love each of these parks for their own reasons. We try to go there every two or three years. I also really like Universal Studios. I am not a person who loves roller coasters, so parks like Disney and Universal offer something for everyone.
• Norway
25 Apr 10
Yea, every disneyland has those different worlds. I think Florida's Disneyland is the largest one in the world right? i would love to visit that one one day. Do they keep expanding it? Yea thats true, i am big fan of rollercoasters, but i agree that they offer something for everyone!=)