alcohol vs. cannabis

April 26, 2010 12:29pm CST
Hi mylotters! I have had a very interesting and educational discussion with my friend on alcohol vs. cannabis. It is a very common and a very controversial topic. There is a ton of research on this sibject as well, so there are solid facts on which is more healthy, if any of them is considered healthy at all. Also, one interesting comment i heard was that no one has ever died while high on cannabis, compared to the millions of people who have died due to drunk driving, liver poisoning etc. After i heard that i thought it unbelievable to keep a ban on this plant which is labelled as a drug by some people while alcohol and even tobacco is accepted etc. Another arguement was that supports alcohol was that, people drink alcohol for social purposes and do not get drunk but when you smoke or eat cannabis you do it for the sole purpose of getting high. A very strong arguement nevertheless i think there is a lot more facts and history behind the plant than it gets credit for. So what do you think? what areguements do you have if you support either of them? should both be illegal or should both be equally legal?
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