Am I sick or do I have allergies?

@Lochoa (222)
United States
April 26, 2010 10:47pm CST
Okay so last night I barely slpet at all. I kpt waking up, it seemed, almost every hour! My nose was runny so bad I had to wake up! I kept sneezing, my throat is itchy so it caused me to have a slight dry cough, not often though. But at 3am this morning I took a generic allergy pill and I feel the same! The meds have done nothing all day! It's now almost 9pm and my nose is still running! I wanted to take more meds but this one that I took this morning said no more then 1 pill in 24 hours so instead of OD'ing I want to wait until tomorrow morning to try another allergy med. My only thing is what if I'm sick? These allergy meds won't work and maybe that's why the one this morning didn't work. Any tips, ideas, suggestions? Thanks!
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