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April 27, 2010 3:17pm CST
You know I can't figure out why people feel the need to dislike an animal because of it's origin. Pit Bulls get a lot of flack form the the public because of the fact that people fight them and make them mean. But much like anything else if you mistreat a dog it will mistreat you in return. How can you make something fight for it's life and then turn around and tell it that it has to make nice at the same time. But then again why do people just take it upon themselves to decide that something is bad and toss it aside just because of the way it looks. Espacially a living thing. Please someone enlighten me.
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@Java09 (3080)
• United States
29 Apr 10
People have the pittbull all wrong.If you raise them right and socialize them they won't hurt anyone.When they're young they need to be socialized with other dogs,then they will like them.I do hate that people bad mouth the breed,I love the breed and I feel bad for them,because people gave them a bad reputation.