How do you prevent migraine attacks?

April 28, 2010 6:51am CST
Headache attacked me for the last 2 days. My boyfriend asked me to visit an ophthalmologist to have my eye checked as I can't bear the pain which triggers the right side of my head and the areas above my eyelids. He said, maybe I need to wear glasses. Something's wrong with my eyes, so it just causes headache. Almost twice or thrice every month, I experience severe pain only on this side. I have taken 3 Mefenamic Acid but the pain just won't go away. Today, I walked in the clinic and spoke with my doctor; she said I have a classic migraine with aura. Because I said yes on all of her questions. I hate bright lights, I hate noises and I vomit. I just want to seclude myself from everything else. I just want to stay inside the room and close my eyes and just wait until the pain go away. I took the medicine she prescribed, and luckily, the pain had gone. Later tonight, I will take sibelium according to her instructions. She also prescribed me to have my eyes checked. I know, there is no cure on this. Only prevention. Avoid drinks with caffeine and fatty foods. Sad, I am a tea drinker. So how do you deal when migraine attacks? How do you preventive measures to keep it from happening?
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@pogi253 (1587)
• Philippines
26 Aug 10
A painful migraine headache is something most migraine sufferers want to avoid. Some medications like analgesic can cause rebound headaches when used to often. If oyu suffer from a migraine attack on a frequent basis, you should supplement with B Vitamins like B12 and B6. After several weeks you will noticed that yopur headaches will decreased in severity.
@KellyGwen (193)
• United States
22 Jun 10
I avoid reading (which is hard, I used to love to read). I also try to avoid becoming over-tired or over-heated. My migraines are a side effect of multiple sclerosis, so I'm sure I have different triggers than "normal" migraine sufferers. When I do have a migraine I lay down on my bed (in the air conditioning) with a heating pad on the back of my neck and an ice pack or cool cloth covering my forehead and eyes... Hopefully I nod off at that point.
@Ritchelle (3795)
• Philippines
29 Apr 10
i stay away from certain scents (which are a lot, actually) that trigger it. i have chemical sensitivity to scents and a lot of people have this and often confuse different causes as the source of their migraine. the pain i get whenever i would smell strong scents is greater than what i would experience whenever i wouldn't wear my glasses, miss my coffee or miss a decent meal. this is a case not accepted my medical experts and you can look it up at the net.