Have you think you can earn money online working parrtime without investment

April 28, 2010 9:57am CST
Some 6 months back i was searching for online earning programs in google. I found many programs but most of them are offering only US and UK residents. Hence i thought that online earning is not for me. But i found one beta program called mginger in anicash.net. It is a paid to receive sms program with 2 level referral commission. I have joined that because it was free to join. Another program also which is offering paid read mail program from the same website anicash.net. I got some 100 referrals and kept aside as there was no earning. But recently when i got sms from mginger i i have checked my account. It was 1150Rs. I was surprised to see that. I never expected i can earn that much without doing anything. My referrals got some referrals. So i got 2 level referrals. Now i am promoting the site because they are giving some penny for referring people. As this is a free to join also nothing to do once you sign up. If you want more money like 10000 Rs per month you need to go for bit of advertising. else you can earn around 500Rs per month without any work. Is this type of supraise you got from any earning programs.
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