Paulo Coelho

@mimiang (3769)
April 28, 2010 10:18pm CST
I found Paulo Coelho a good author. He is able to write articulately . You could sense the dilemma the characters are facing. You feel transformed also as the character tells his story. Paulo also is able to impart not only a culture in his writings, but philosophies that are true in real life. I like his novels.No wonder why he is known
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• India
29 Apr 10
I love him. Paulo. He is one modern writer, who follows the age old tradition of involving himself in the theme and subject of his novel. I have tried most of the exercises that he suggests in his novels. And, I have been PRIZED by receiving an email response from him in ENGLISH. way back. I don't know if it is his autom mail responder, or his secretary giving the reply. But, i got a reply. He is wonderful ALCHEMIST, PILGRIM, and also an ardent ARCHER.
• India
6 Jul 10
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