I like N ew Zealand,how about you?

Hong Kong
April 29, 2010 8:09am CST
I enjoyed my trip in New Zealand two years ago.It was a nice summer and everything seems so nice in this country.Maybe I was only a tourist for only a week and I was doing my best to enjoy my time in this beautiful country.The people were quite friendly and I just love to visit the zoo again if I have an opportunity to go back there.It is a country with only 4.09 milliom people when I was there.When compare to the city I living,it was much more space in there and lesser people as well.(I am living in Hong Kong which is only a small island but with over 7 million people in here,you will immmediately understand what I mean).Everything in New Zealand was nice and I especially like the kiwi fruit,kiwi bird and Kiwi people in this Kiwi country.I hpor that I can play another visit to this place again,this place is great for travel.What about you?Share with us if you have been there before .
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• Philippines
30 Apr 10
I like my country , Philippines, because I live here. Simple as that.
@zhouxi (1756)
• China
30 Apr 10
yes. i like this country.People there are kind and friendly.it's a beautiful country.clean and nice.i like the green grass and blue sky and ocean there.if i had time and opportunity i would like to have a trip there again!
@maximax8 (30127)
• United Kingdom
29 Apr 10
I visited New Zealand from 2001 until 2002. I was lucky enough to spend all summer there including Christmas. I am an experienced traveler having visited about fifty different countries in the world. I am a native English speaker. New Zealand is my third favorite country. Australia is my second favorite country. I went there from 1993 to 1994 and in 2000. Samoa is my favorite country and I went there in 2002. In New Zealand I adored it in Northland. The beaches, the forests and the countryside are so unspoilt. The people are friendly and the wildlife are amazing. It has a low population. Two things are not to my liking: the cool weather in winter and the high airfares. If I had emigrated there I wouldn't have the money to do the traveling that I can do from my home country, the UK. I went to Hong Kong in 2000 and liked it there. New Zealand is a perfect location for every traveler.