Review Stream vote system inquiry

@Honiawa (167)
April 30, 2010 7:14am CST
Hello! I have started writing some reviews on Review Stream and also try to promote them in the same time. They say that they pay 0.10 per vote and I want to know if anyone got 50 votes on article and have been paid? I already have a couple of reviews with 20 votes or so. They say that once you reach 5 dollars you can withdraw the money, but I have no idea how you can do that because: 1. There is no page that lets you know how much money you actually have from votes, you have to check all the articles by yourself 2. There is no button to request payment (for the votes, because for the articles there is) Anyone having some thoughts or experience on this? I don't want to promote my stuff in vain
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@kerex132 (23)
• Sweden
30 Apr 10
I think it is a scam? can you send the link?
@Honiawa (167)
• Romania
30 Apr 10
It's not a scam, they pay for the reviews you write. I just don't know how their payment system for the votes received works. As for the link, just search for Review Stream. They are quite popular.