What's happened with associated content?

@Jules01 (131)
April 30, 2010 11:57am CST
I'm new to this business of trying to make money online. A few people mentioned sites for earning money by writing articles. I was about to sign up with associated content, but now I'm seeing messages about a change in payments to none US writers. I don't understand what has happened. Could someone explain it in simple terms please? Has it happened at other sites? What are the best options for none US residents now?
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1 May 10
Actually many of the sites have made a few changes that will be upsetting to most people hearing about them now. In fact the lack of English writers is the problem. They are getting people that are writing but really have no experience or skills to be doing so. This has caused them to not accept writers the way they once were. Also regarding payouts, they vary from site to site. If you are really looking for a way to write I would go with blogging, then add something some affiliate links to it.
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30 Apr 10
To me it sounds like the laws are changing for online companies like these. With that new bill that was signed not to long ago, had alot attached to it. It was over 5000 pages of many different items in it that wasn't associated with the health issue. I have seen this discussion several times today, many are upset about it.