Europa League Semifinals and Final...your opinions?

April 30, 2010 3:19pm CST
Hi at all, i want know your opinions about the next Europa League Final...are these teams really good? Premising that my life is yellow-red (As.Roma for life), i don't think Atletico Madrid, and specially Fulham, are the best of the cup. Liverpool deserved to win: great players, heart, good tactics and fantastic patterns. the other...mmmhh...Amburgo played a great season, a hard choose. What's your opinions about? :)
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@akuler (3534)
• Malaysia
3 May 10
Hi ertommeasr, Fulham and Atlentico Madrid is an average teams at English Premier League and La Liga. Those teams is hard to beat but hardly to win either. They can beat any team at any given day but also struggle to beat the lower teams at the standing. Fulham hardly have a money to buy a top players and always satisfied with an average players that they have. One think for sure this season is they have a very good and experience manager in Roy Hugdson. Roy Hudgson is the most travel English manager, has been coached teams like Barcelona, Inter Milan, Switzerland, United Arab Emirate and Finland. He also turn some average players like Bobby Zamora, Damien Duff and Danny Murphy to be a top players, not in England but at lease at their club. Like it or not, English Premier League is much better then Bundesliga. There is no problem for any English Premier League team to beat any Bundesliga team apart from Bayern Munich. So, it is no surprise to saw Fulham can defeat Wolfburg (regain Bundesliga champion) and Hamsburger. Atlentico Madrid is lucky to play at the final in this season Europa League. They used the tiredness of Liverpool players, after have to travel for more then 2,000 kilometer by sea, train and air, at the first leg game. They manage to won the game, even though it is not a convincing win, and keep the clean sheet. Liverpool also has the slum this season and not a team that someone would feat to face. They lack of motivation and spirit and the uneasy relationship within the management make it more harder. But, thing has been pass and we should cheers for Fulham and Atlentico Madrid because they manage to qualified for Europa League final. It would be so special for Fulham and their fans because this is the first final for them at Europe competition. I fancy them to lift the title this year.
• Cyprus
30 Apr 10
Liverpool should have gone through... they deserve it, they played better. I know the second half they lowered their tempo, but that was because an away goal would have made it hard to get back with 2 more goals. Out of the 2 games, I think they deserved the place in the final. They played some amazing football, and they do that often. Their only problem is that they don't keep their performance constant through out the year on 90% of the games at least. So much frustration with this team, its owners, the new stadium, the transfers, 20 years without a premiership title and the great European runs. This would have kept them alive, now, everything is doubtful... About Fulham, the play some nice football, but its rare... in the Europa League, there are always such surprises, because the top teams aren't there, and the other good teams, are not in their top form (otherwise they would have been playing in the Champions League in the first place). So nothing strange about that, just that weaker teams have more chances to succeed, especially if they don't have any interest in their league. I didn't see Fulham's games... but I am not surprised.