Online stock trading

May 1, 2010 1:01am CST
Anyone doing any online stock trading. I have read a lot about how people are really make it by trading but have been reluctant because I cannot seem to find one person who is actually doing it and has made the type of money they are talking about being able to make. If you have any thoughts or comments or even experience in doing this please respond to this discussion as I would really like some feedback on it.
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@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
1 May 10
hello, I'm trading (small time :) in Philippines Stock Exchange. My trading account is less than USD3,000.-- If you are interested to experience stock trading, remember there are times we win and there are times we lose. And when we lose, we have the choice to stay put or "cut losses" by selling at a loss. Personally, I'd recommend starting with small amounts like $200 buys. Also, I prefer to look for companies that are somehow near its 52 week low (most people would worry they might close down such companies). But some companies will always rebound ('coz they have no other choice :)) What do you think? Are you interested to trade? I can show a sample link or email me ? totoarrieta at yahoo dot com
• Philippines
8 May 10
I have just graduated last March and now I'm interested in this, but I don't know how to start as of yet. This stems from my notion that the Stock Exchange is rather complex, what with all the numbers and jargon I'm not familiar with. It's a bit scary, but I do want to learn the rules of this trade. Maybe I'm also expecting too much, thinking that if I enter this, earnings must flourish quickly. Most people say this isn't the case; patience and strategy are essential. How did you first go about it? How did you learn? How long have you been involved with it?
@srganesh (6340)
• India
10 May 10
austinoman!I am from India and I am doing online share trading for nearly one year time.In the beginning,I just gambled with my money in the market without any analysis and so i met with a huge loss.But now,I am familiar with the market trends and so I don't lose much money like before....!I think,besides analysis and strategies and plans,one has to be lucky to earn money from stock markets.