@bonanza9 (258)
May 2, 2010 7:24am CST
Has anyone ever get a mail that stated you're a winner of some quizzes but you never buy anything like that.
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@pumared (515)
• Bulgaria
3 May 10
lottery is only to loose money
• India
2 May 10
Yeh i recevied them lot, Intially recevied mail from micrsoft that my mail is choose to award billion, , then searched on net to see it real or fake but they are fakes only. similar mails i recvied from that yahoo uk lottery ,i alsoo revies from unknow place from abraod that they would like to tranfer amount to me stating some reason. In excahnge they ask for personal bank deatil. They are only fakes and one should stay away from them.
@owlwings (42006)
• Cambridge, England
2 May 10
Yes. Delete them.
@juggerogre (1658)
• Philippines
2 May 10
I received lots of that. But I already knew that its a scam. If it is not I think I'm already a billionaire today.