Lush Skincare- any fans?

May 2, 2010 8:55am CST
I absolutely adore Lush and have found that their products have made my skin look amazing. Do any of you use Lush and what has your experience been? Currently I use Coalface in the morning and then follow up with Paradise Regained and a Dark Yellow color supplement. I am a massive fan of their fresh face masks and my faves are Love Lettuce and Ayesha. Tell me about what skin products you use and why you like them!
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@Galena (9120)
2 May 10
I have used Lush for such a long long time now. Angels on bare skin completely cured my very severe and unresponsive to pretty much anything acne. and about five years ago I started working for them, and even had a day in the lab inventing. as a result, the christmas theme a few years back was based on some of my ideas and scents. so Magic, Witches Ball and Gold Star all came from my ideas. I blended the scents for Magic (there are two of them- that work together) myself. very proud of that. the skincare is just amazing stuff. I use Angels on Bare Skin, Eau Roma water. with moisturisers It depends a lot on how my skin is at the time. I usually use either Gorgeous or Skin Nanny. but at the moment I'm actually using Creme Anglaise body lotion as a moisturiser as I ran out and it seemed the most suitable for the face. and it's making my skin look really glowy and plump. so yes. lots and lots of love for the Lush skincare.
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3 May 10
Wow that is so amazing that you work for them- I would love that! I bet it's great seeing your ideas for products in stores- very fulfilling. I love Gorgeous too, I tend to use it more in winter and sometimes as a night cream. My mum likes to use Lemony Flutter as a night cream so you using Creme Anglaise sounds quite normal to me! I haven't tried Magic as I don't have a tub but I know it is really popular. I am now imagining how much fun it would be working at Lush!
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27 May 10
What can I say about you and Lush?? lol You do adore Lush, you should become a Lush representer. Stand around outside Lush shops encouraging people to come into the shop, telling them about your experiences and promote Lush. I bet you would have voted Lush to be our new MP given the chance!! lol Hope to see you soon, Wyatt wants to have more cheeky cuddles xx
26 Jul 10
Forget about MP, Lush for Prime Minister! Lol I should go work at Lush - it would be a dream come :o) I can wait to see Wyatt he looks even more cuddly in the new photos x
26 Jul 10
I vote you should work for Lush, just think - you would even get discount and maybe learn a few secret recipes lol You might even invent a few!!!! Yes Wyatt is very cuddly now - interested in what is happening around him (hes very nosy) xx
26 Jul 10
I would love that, hmmmm might look into I am impressed with all the cool stuff they've come out with this year. I look forward to seeing you both!
@karen1969 (1788)
26 May 10
I love Lush products too though they are quite expensive. I did use Fresh Farmacy which was excellent. At the moment, I'm just using the Trichomania solid shampoo and the solid perfumes (Honey and Karma). I love their soaps especially I Should Coco as I love coconut smells.