After baby body

United States
May 2, 2010 1:02pm CST
Are you proud of your after mother body, whether it be because you wne tright back or because you have a little something to show for you hard work such as strechmarks, chub, anything. I am one of those women who had to lose weight and is horrified by the aftermath, and I get crap for from other women? WHY? do I have to happy with the aftermath? What do you think?
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• Bulgaria
3 May 10
During pregnancy I gained 20kg /without the baby/, so I wasn't proud with my body at all. I think it's important how you feel about it. If you like yourself like that, then it's OK. For me, I just didn't feel in my skin. I lost weight with time and now I feel good and like my body. Strechmarks became from red to white and now they are not so noticable so I'm OK with them too. I also noticed that after birth I started to perceive my body in a different way. I stopped worry about every little detail that doesn't make me perfect. But I don't think giving birth has to be an excuse for stop trying to be in shape. I'm trying to do my best to keep a good shape and the things that I can't change - I just accept them, they are a part of me.
• Philippines
2 May 10
It's really hard to get our previous body after giving birth and even years after. I've learned that stretch marks can only be remove through Laser treatment but i don't have money for that. As long as my husband loves me and accepts that giving him a child means making some or shall i say major changes in a woman's body, i am happy and proud about every lines in my tummy. Just have to make a really hard effort to keep in shape to look and feel great about ourselves
@family4 (52)
• Canada
2 May 10
I am still dealing with "mother body" issues and my youngest is almost 5. From late teens until 21 I was very happy with my body, muscle and tone and no complaints, I would love to be back in the body. Pre pregnancy 22-24 i had been very sick. I lost 25-30 lbs. I struggled to get to a healthy weight and body to be able to carry a health child. I was very happy with my growing body during pregnancy. Right after delivery my body went back to an acceptable image. I was very happy with the aftermath, proud of the changes that came from being a mother. Once my baby started eating the same as us around 1 year I started gaining weight slowly, getting more curves then I like. The average person would not say that i have a weight issue it is just not what i would like. I am not sure if i am coming to terms with what i look like or if I am making head way of changing through my always healthy eating and adding more exercise then previous. I do not think that someone should be made to feel badly for wanting to change the "aftermath" if she is not happy with it and her goals are realistic.