Do Pensioners (welfare recipients) have it easy?

May 4, 2010 5:19am CST
A woman in Australia has opened a proverbial can of worms by claiming that Australian pensioners have it easy and that with the pension rates they receive they could live like millionaires. Australian pensioners (welfare recipients) receive about $350 per week. If they are renting a property to live in they receive up to an additional $56.50 per week towards their rent. Now while this may sound like a lot of money compared to some countries you have to take into account the cost of living in Australia. Here are a few examples. Gas $5.50 per gallon Rent: In my area (one of the cheapest), the minimum rent is $240 per week for an apartment or $290 per week for a three bedroom house. Minimum grocery cost for a family of two = $80 Phone rental: $7.50 a week with phone calls costing 20 cents each Electricity: $25 per week These figures don't include medical costs (prescriptions etc), car maintenance, home maintenance, gas used for cooking/heating or anything else. So based on a minimum gas usage of 8 gallons per week you have a weekly costs figure of $396.50 to $446.50... with total income being up to $406.50. And remember, this doesn't include the other things mentioned in this paragraph. So what do you think... do Australian welfare recipients have it easy? Or is the woman who made the claim suffering from dementia? (I choose that rather than some less flattering descriptions). Oh, it should be noted that the woman who made the claim lives in public housing and pays only $69 per week rent... maybe SHE is living on easy street!!!
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@rosie230 (1696)
4 May 10
I don't really know to be honest, because in this day and age and in every country I think everybody needs something, because it's hard work trying to keep up with everything, like shopping, medical, bills, heating, water, electric... everything we have to pay for is a basic human right, and with the way the financial situation is going, it is hard for everyone to keep up with things. Thats just my personal opinion, but to be honest I think everybody should take what they can get.
@sukumar794 (5040)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
4 May 10
In most countries the recipients of pension benefits have to satisfy themselves on the paltry sum of money that is offered to them every month.
• Australia
4 May 10
Yes, and it is a paltry sum that is offered... especially compared to the cost of living... apparently pensioners aren't allowed to have cars, phones, heaters or anything like that. And don't get me wrong. I'm proud to be Australian. I know that our welfare system is excellent in comparison to many countries but I think to state that our welfare recipients 'have it easy' is ridiculous! It's hardly surprising that you hear about those who resort to living on canned dog food. I feel sorry for US unemployed welfare recipients whose financial support ends after 27 weeks.. that's just disgusting. I know it helps stop what we refer to in Australia as 'dole bludging' (people who choose to live on welfare because they can't be bothered working) but that isn't the only thing that stops people getting jobs, many employers won't employ anyone over 40 or women at an age where they might have children etc. Here in Australia the unemployed continue to receive benefits indefinitely as long as they prove they are looking for work (a minimum of 1 job interview per week).
@pumared (514)
• Bulgaria
4 May 10