In difficult times you feel protected by something or somebody?

May 4, 2010 1:59pm CST
Maybe protect you, your guardian angel, may be the spirit of someone you lost, maybe God protect you, or maybe only your strong personality ? Do you pray and ask somebody help in difficult times,in the crisis times,when you're in danger? Who is your guardian angel? Who you will call in your mind, in your soul to help you, to protect you?
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• Bulgaria
4 May 10
In difficult times if you feel protected by something or somebody , the times won't be so difficult.I don't belive in guardian angels but i belive in God , he helps us when we need it :) When someone is protected he can do a lot of things so protect your friends , to be protected.Nice discussion , good job marianna45
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• Romania
4 May 10
How you can believe in God and can t believe in guardian angels? Angels are in touch with God all time and try to protect somebody...
@phoenix8606 (4942)
5 May 10
when I am in a tough moment i only count on myself and on nobody else, because I know that if something goes wrong I will be the only one who has fault for it, and nobody else!
• Philippines
4 May 10
Whenever i'm in need, i always call for God. He helps me overcome my weaknesses and use effectively my strength. I'm always relying on him but i also do my part. It served me quite well.
@ladymog (25)
4 May 10
I believe in Angels especially when times have been hard , the one thing i always remember though is to say thank -you whenever i've asked for help . This way i know that whoever is guiding me knows i appreciate all their help no matter how bi or small it has been .