IDEA for posts??

@bonanza9 (257)
May 5, 2010 8:52am CST
Where do you usually get ideas to post here? I mean, a sudden thought that crosses your head, and you want to share it with others. I myself usually get a fresh idea after reading books before I sleep, i will write it down, and then I post it to the forum or Facebook status.
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• India
5 May 10
I generally respond to dicussion that i feel i am able to share my thought regarding particular topic, and about posting to start discussion , i generally ask something that doonot know much to get answer.But i will try out your idea to write down when some fresh idea struck in and then post it later.
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@Jules01 (131)
5 May 10
As I'm thinking through the day I come up with questions about all sorts of things. Sometimes I search the internet and I find information. But if I want to know what other people think or do, then mylot is the place to ask questions.
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@ongtina (1232)
• Singapore
5 May 10
My ideas come from situations I come across, either things that I saw happened to others or to myself. Some are also prompted by shows I've watched. However, I don't post all.
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@rosekiss (30380)
• Eugene, Oregon
6 May 10
I just post until something pops into my head. I have been having a hard time coming up with anything decent to discuss. I really don't start all that many discussions, because I have had such a hard time, as I don't think they are all that interesting, as I don't get all that many responses, but I am glad that I do get some. When a topic pops into my head, I had better post it immediately, poof, it will be gone in a flash. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.
@bloggeroo (2167)
• Philippines
9 May 10
I'm posting stuff about what I want to publish in my blogs. Since my blogs have specific sections, the subject matters are pretty much fixed already. I just go here at myLot to write my drafts. Unfortunately, other myLot posters do not share my interests so I may need to recruit some blogging parters to respond to my posts so I can write better and faster. It's a drag having to wait until somebody else post a reply. It's affecting my rhythm.