How far are you willing to give for the sake of friendship?

May 6, 2010 5:45am CST
When it comes to our relationship with our family and love ones there's no question with that, we are willing to give everything that we have even our life, but when it comes to best friend or friends not everyone are willing to give whatever they have and help a friend at any cost. How far are you willing to give and help for the sake of friendship? Are you willing to give or risk your life for your friend?
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@kevs4jc (18)
• Fiji
6 May 10
Good Question. Well I believe, it depends on the type of friend that I am willing to risk or give my life for. If it is a very close friend, then I believe, I probably could. But if it just a friend I came to know just an hour ago, then, I would probably think twice. It might also depend on the age of my friend. For example, if my friend is less than ten years old, or if He/She is really young and innocent, I might risk my life for them, since they have a long way to go in life. That said, I still believe this is a good question. It makes us think, doesn't it?