Drivers: When are you more likely to speed?

@Valenas (1509)
United States
May 7, 2010 2:26pm CST
For this discussion we will aside the lectures and the safety concerns. We all know that it is unsafe to speed and against the law. However, for all drivers there are times in our trips where we will look down at our speedometer and realize that we are going a bit over the set speed limit for the area. I live in a rather populated area, so when I am taking the main road and the interstate, I am competing with a lot of other cars, and I tend to go with the flow of the traffic. However, I sometimes hop over to a back road if I need to stop somewhere or I am bypassing an accident, and it is on these back roads that I tend to speed up a little more than I should. These roads are usually empty compared to the main roads, and with nobody in front of me, my foot tends to get a little heavy on the gas pedal. At what point is it more likely for you to be speeding?
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• United States
7 May 10
I actually tend to drive the speed limit or just below. I like to drive with the cruise control on any speed over 25 mph so I don't go over. It helps save on gas and it makes driving a lot more relaxing, although it does tick off the other drivers around me. I get angry stares from people that turn confused as soon as they see how young I am, driving slow. The only time my car goes over the posted speed is when I'm coasting down a hill. If the speed limit is 35 and at the bottom of the hill I'm going 42 or so, I'll just let off the gas until I coast to the speed limit. There's no use in using the brakes and wasting gas if I can simply coast back to the right speed. Overall, though, driving at the speed limit and ignoring those people who drive too close to your back end is so relaxing. Especially when compared to speeding illegally and making the road more dangerous for everyone while wasting extra gas. No use in it.
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@qamarep (4447)
• Pakistan
7 May 10
in the arab countries and in israel there is a rule to drive faster then the other countries..